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Seven years ago, Dave Love discovered a dilapidated property whose beauty was hidden by an overgrown landscape, strewn with old equipment, a mud-filled pool and worn-out buildings.

What was intended to be used for a completely different purpose, was changed one day when Dave had a divine vision for the property. He was moved to turn it into an event center to benefit foster kids.


At an early age, foster care made a positive, impactful difference in his life and since then
he’s had a desire to give back. The energy of love from weddings always remained in him after attending his first. It is that feeling that inspired him to create a space for that love to be fostered and pay it forward.


With a tremendous amount of wholeheartedness, dedication and hard work
poured into this property to bring out it’s extraordinary beauty, Dave would like to welcome you to Love’s Manor - an event center with a cause where you can
help spread love!

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